The basis of our business is the quality of work ensured by superior dental materials and individual approach to each patient.

The quality and quantity of the time devoted to the patient as well as materials and following the protocol for all dental procedures ensure control of the performed work in order to maximize the protection of the patient.

  • MELAG autoclave sterilization control according to European standards

aesthetic dentistry CAD/CAM

  • porcelain veneers (from 0.3 mm thick E.MAX PRESS)
  • crowns and bridges (CAD / CAM zirconium ceramics, E.MAX, E.MAX PRESS)
  • dental makeover
  • white fillings (aesthetically morphologically shaped). Composite materials: Admira (Voco), Empress direct (Ivoclar), Herculite ultra (Kerr), Filtek ultimate (3m espe)
  • inlays, onlays, overlays (CAD/CAM zirconium ceramics, E.MAX, E.MAX PRESS)
  • inlay bridges

restorative dentistry

  • composite fillings
  • composite tooth build-up
  • medical pain diagnosis
  • correction of unfavorable rotation forms and tooth color
  • repair of tooth trauma

SONICFILL Kerr. The latest technology for ultrasonic application of composite material to the tooth without residual air bubbles.

Sonicfill 2, bulk fill - excellent composite material, nano technology, solid and resistant with added zirconium oxide particles, used in the back region for fast and quality fillings, easy to polish.


Admira (Voco) top aesthetics, composite with added ceramic particles.


minimally invasive dentistry

  • early caries detection
  • use of drills for micropreparations
  • tooth restoration (magnifying glass)
  • retention of composite filling by adhesive technique


  • treatment of single-root and multi-root teeth
  • one-visit endodontics
  • machine endodontics
  • recanalization of inadequate filling of a root canal
dental-studio-m-reciproc dental-studio-m-reciproc


  • ceramic crowns: non-metal crowns (e.max, zirconium oxide crowns and full zircon) and metal ceramic crowns
  • ceramic bridges: non-metal bridges (e.max, zirconium oxide bridges and full zircon) and metal ceramic bridges
  • temporary crowns and bridges (the patient is provided with temporary teeth for the duration of therapy)
  • complete and partial dentures (acrylic and wironit)
  • all on 4 all on 6 (implant dentures)
  • onlay, overlay, inlay (ceramic)
  • wax up, mock up
dental-studio-m-protetika dental-studio-m-emax dental-studio-m-emax

oral surgery

  • extraction of single-root and multi-root teeth
  • alveotomy
  • forming a reef
  • bone augmentation (Bio-Oss (Geistlich)
  • circumcision (removal of the gingival part in difficult wisdom teeth eruption)
  • sinus lift

We use Bio-Oss collagen Geistlich (bone substitution + 10% collagen) after tooth extraction for faster bone healing.


After tooth extraction, we use a gelatamp for better clotting and wound healing.


we use 2 systems:

Straumann (Switzerland)


Straumann Roxolid is a new implant alloy consisting of pure titanium (Ti) and zirconium (Zr) in the addition of 13-17%, bio-compatible, with better osteointegration, better mechanical properties.

SLActive surface means that the surface of the implant is treated, hydrophilic, attracts blood cells and proteins, leading to faster formation of new bone and increase of primary stability, crown insertion is possible after 3 and a half months.

Ankylos (Dentsply)

Embedding the implant to the bone level which enables implantation success of up to 99%.


lifetime warranty on material


pediatric and preventive dentistry

  • sealing the fissure
  • preventive odontomy
  • fill and treatment of milk teeth
  • fluoridation (individually for each patient)
  • monitoring growth and development of teeth and jaw
  • We are attentive to children from the age of 1, communication with the parents
  • Children's check is required 4 times a year.
  • We do a recall, a call for a check up
  • Check up - free for children up to 15 years.
dental-studio-m-djecja-stomatologija dental-studio-m-djecja-stomatologija


  • cleaning of the dental calculus
  • sandblasting (AIR FLOW)
  • extension of the clinical tooth crown
  • deep root cleansing
  • gingivectomy
  • treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis


The Six Month Smiles is Short Term Ortho System for adults whose therapy finishes in an average of just 6 months.
It employs unique technology and techniques in dentistry which enable moving your teeth quickly, safely and effectively.

The key components of treatment are the use of unique, clear braces with a primary focus on moving the teeth that show while smiling.
Minimum age is 16. Lighter forces and shorter treatment time enable more comfortable wearing and they decrease the risk of caries during the treatment.

Six Month Smiles Six Month Smiles


  • IPS e.max Press (lithium-disilicate - LS2)
  • IPS e.max ZirPress (zirconium)
  • IPS e.max CAD (lithium-disilicate - LS2)
  • IPS e.max Zir CAD (zirconium-oxyde - ZrO2)
  • IPS e.max CERAM (fluor-apatit glass ceramics)
    - highly aesthetic ceramics for IPS e.max system
  • High aesthetics and strength
  • Respecting manufacturer's protocols (certified laboratories and recommended dental cements from manufacturers)
dental-studio-m-emax-logo dental-studio-m-emax dental-studio-m-emax dental-studio-m-emax


Zoom! is the most popular American professional whitening system in dental medicine. It removes the enamel coloring and reduces the effect of pigmented teeth (white stains). In one visit, up to 8 shades of lighter teeth are achieved. The effect of whitened teeth lasts up to 3 years. It is completely painless, safe and fast. The results are visible immediately and documented by a before and after photographs.


Mdental center is located in the tourist part of town: Zadar-Diklo, 250 m from the sea.

Expertise, pleasant atmosphere, individual approach to each patient, painless interventions with constant emphasis on education and following innovative methods in dentistry, especially in relation to the quality materials we offer to our patients.

Our professional team consists of 2 doctors and 1 dental assistant. Associates: 3 dental laboratories, orthodontists, oral surgeons and continued collaboration with the dental faculty in Zagreb.

  • We offer possibility of accommodation in the facility (apartment)

Marijana Božulić


She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb in 1997.
Work experience of 19 years, of which 9 years as the founder and owner of Mdental Center. Participation at numerous congresses, both domestic and international.
Field of interest: non-metal prosthetics, implantology, modern periodontics, pediatric and preventive dentistry.
Studious, patient, responsible, thorough. Member of CDC. dental-studio-m-iskaznica


Ana Ninčević


She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb in 2014.
She has participated in numerous congresses and workshops in Croatia and abroad. Active speaker of English and German, member of CDC.
Field of interest: aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics, machine endodontics.
Diligent, smiling, innovative, thorough. dental-studio-m-iskaznica


Andriana Pulić dental assistant


Employed at Mdental center since 2009.
Active speaker of German, English, Italian.
Field of interest: dental photography and oral hygiene.
Committed to work, diligent.